How to build your digital signage and CMS to digital maturity

How to build your digital signage and CMS to digital maturityPhoto: iStock

June 3, 2022 | by Kevin Damask — Editor, Digital Signage Today

Many companies have digital signage and CMS systems in place, but are those systems up to par to meet both consumer and employee demands?

That’s the focus of a free, one-hour webinar, “Digital Signage & CMS Solutions: A Roadmap to Digital Maturity,” hosted by Digital Signage Today and sponsored by Coates Group on June 16 at 4 p.m.

The webinar, moderated by Digital Signage Today editor Kevin Damask, will feature panelists Phil Morris, global head of products, Coates Group, Esther Ham, software product director, Coates Group, and Matt Souza, software product director, Coates Group.

This presentation will share insights on how to build a robust, future-proofed CMS by driving exceptional customer experiences, gaining perspective on the Digital Maturity Curve, and learning to respond and adapt to disruptive technologies.

Learn how Coates Group works with brands in retail and QSR to successfully overcome digital hurdles. In addition, find out how a CMS solution opens up several benefits and opportunities no matter where companies are in their digital maturity journey.

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Ten Essential Considerations When Implementing Digital Signage

Taking a vision and turning it into reality can be a daunting task, so we’ve assembled a list of the 10 Essential Considerations When Implementing Digital Signage.

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Digital Signage Future Trends

The 2020 Digital Signage Future Trends Report looks at the trends and attitudes affecting the digital signage industry and is a must-read for deployers and providers to understand where the digital signage industry is and where it is headed into the new decade.

We are in the new decade, and staying on top of the digital signage market is more important than ever. By purchasing this report, you are gaining a key advantage in the never-ending quest to see what’s on the horizon for technology.

The 35-page downloadable report contains the full results of our exclusive survey of over 300 deployers and hardware/software/service providers in the dynamic digital signage industry.

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Four Points by Sheraton Uses CAYIN Technology’s Digital Signage to Elevate Guest Experience Journey

Four Points by Sheraton, a modern hotel located in the heart of Desaru town, Malaysia, is a part of Marriott Bonvoy’s extraordinary 30 hotel portfolio.

The 311-room hotel offers a tranquil retreat to travelers visiting Desaru for business or leisure. While the hotel’s approachable design caters to the needs of the modern-day traveler, Four Points by Sheraton aimed to create a further enhanced experience for their guests with the aid of CAYIN Technology. For the new hotel opening in 2021, Four Points by Sheraton aimed to achieve three main objectives. The first was to elevate the guest experience with compelling visualization, the second to provide guests access to relevant information, and the third to create brand consistency.

Hospitality Digital Signage at Four Points by Sheraton, Desaru

Immersive Visualization Captures Hotel Essence

CAYIN digital signage was chosen as the ideal solution and was installed safely despite the pandemic. A total of one CMS-SE, one CMS-PRO, and ten SMP-2300 have been installed around high traffic flow areas such as function venue entrances and common areas like the hotel lobby. The digital signage in the hotel lobby and common areas include welcome texts, promotional slides with the latest offers, and attractive corporate videos that serve to enhance brand awareness. Hotel guests receive a consistent brand experience upon setting foot in the hotel and throughout their stay.

Instant Event Information Broadcast and Easy Management

The digital signage installed at function venue entrances showcases event information to keep hotel guests in the know. Wall-to-wall access to event details makes it easy for hotel guests to plan their stay accordingly. In addition, the digital signage’s calendar-based scheduling features allow the hotel management team to broadcast accurate real-time content. The management team can remotely monitor and control players, logs, and detailed information through the CMS-PRO server.

Advanced Software and Equipment

CMS-SE and CMS-PRO, installed in CMS-60, function as content management server software. CMS-SE updates contents to the ten SMP-2300 digital signage players simultaneously around the hotel; CMS-PRO synchronizes configurations across multiple SMP players all at once and monitors current screenshots of SMP players, making management an intuitive process for the hotel.

Special Accreditation to Hola Media

Hola Media Sdn Bhd, located and provides professional services in Malaysia, is specialized in digital signage consultation, system integration, business and mobile application development. CAYIN is honoured to partner with Hola Media as a solution provider in this project. Hola Media, equipped with sufficient knowledge and experience in digital signage, executed the planning, design, installation, testing and commissioning, training and maintenance and support of this project in a timely and professional manner.

Overall Enhancement of Guest Experience

The digital signage implementation successfully elevates the overall guest experience with compelling visualization and accessible information. The central managed digital signage platform also streamlines services and boosts bottom lines for the business. Four Points by Sheraton has commended CAYIN’s digital signage solution for its intuitive management system, making cross-departmental collaboration in the hotel possible and efficient.

Watchfire Signs helps restore luster to historic theater marquee

After a long, arduous restoration process, the marquee at the historic Hollywood Theater in Gowanda, New York can shine brighter with LED signage from Watchfire Signs and the work of a dedicated group of volunteers.

Watchfire provided an 8-millimeter LED sign that attracts moviegoers to the decades-old cinema. With the $250,000 restoration complete, the Hollywood Theater can return to showing films and hosting music camps for the local community.

Watchfire, a 90-year-old company, specializes in LED lights and signage that can withstand weather conditions and function for many years. The company, which also supplies software to operate its signage, has more than 65,000 LED displays and supplies signage to digital outdoor customers across the U.S.

Signs Unlimited performed fabrication on the Hollywood Theater marquee. Provided

Nancy Redeye, architect for the restoration project, called Watchfire to see if the company was interested in helping out and representatives traveled to Gowanda to check out the theater, owned by Gowanda’s Historic Hollywood Theater Ltd.

“The site visit allowed us to study the existing conditions, hear their vision and make recommendations on fabrication methods and integration of our digital technology,” Evan Walsh, Territory Manager, Watchfire Signs, said in an email. “It also gave us the opportunity to demonstrate Watchfire products and different resolutions, then provide an overview of scope of work.”

The LED refurbishment took more than three years. Watchfire built a custom product to meet the theater’s specifications and shipped it to the company’s dealer, Signs Unlimited, which completed fabrication work. Every few months, Walsh would stop into Signs Unlimited to see how the project was progressing.

“It was critical that the ‘fit and finish’ of the digital displays flawlessly meshed with the marquee structure. This wasn’t a project that could be installed in the field,” Walsh said. “Because of this, we knew it could potentially be a while before the marquee and all related fabrication would be complete and installed.”

As work began, the design and fabrication of the marquee posed the biggest challenge. Watchfire wanted to duplicate the exact image of the marquee from the 1950’s. Every detail needed to be accurate with correct paint colors, exposed neon lighting, and retro-style flashers and chasers that were “extremely difficult to source” at the height of the pandemic supply chain issue, according to Walsh.

“For our part, it was a priority that the digital display had a tight pitch to meet their vision for the marquee and how it would be used,” Walsh said. “We worked with them to select an 8-millimeter (pitch) to deliver the balance of vibrant, true-to-life colors and the smooth visual they were looking for. Because of the way that the marquee goes together, the theater and Signs Unlimited wanted a product that could perform for the long haul.”

While the work was challenging, Walsh knew what the restoration meant to the group trying to save the theater and the Gowanda community. In 2018, during the early stages of the marquee project, Walsh met with Mark Burr, Hollywood Theater president. Burr gave Walsh a tour of the theater. He could see how passionate Burr was to finish the entire restoration that was stretching into more than a decade.

It resonated with Walsh on a personal level.

“They were proud to share their unique history with an outsider,” Walsh said. “He talked about the local family that originally built it, and the reasons they built it. We knew we had to help them achieve their vision. I am proud to have completed a project that meant so much to so many folks.”

Since the theater is several decades old, restoration challenges became a laundry list of obstacles. After the marquee was removed and taken to Signs Unlimited, the theater group realized the structure’s wood elements were dry-rotted. Repairs would be more costly than the group had planned for.

“In addition, some of the wood framing would conflict with the proposed underside lighting pattern. It was decided to remove all the wood framing and replace it with steel stud framing,” Burr said in an email to Digital Signage Today. “The good thing was the metal strutting weighed a few hundred pounds lighter than the old wood framing, however, it had to be re-designed and re-configured to accommodate the proposed underside lighting pattern.”

Due to shipping delays from China, light sockets for the marquee didn’t arrive on time. The group waited for months only to hear the factory in China might not even make those type of sockets anymore.

Time for another option. Burr said a local businessman who helped pay for the restoration told his employees to call light socket vendors and sign contractors throughout the U.S. to find replacement sockets.

“The message was any amount would help and please check your shelves as even a dozen would help and we would take them all,” Burr said. “Slowly but surely, over the spring of 2020 through the spring of 2021, 500 replacement light sockets were acquired.”

Another hurdle was finding a proper light controller for the marquee’s bubble lights. A controller made in China had been discontinued, so the group looked at a different option which would be more expensive and delivery time was unknown. Eventually, the group lucked out when it discovered a light controller in the U.S. that Burr said is reliable and easy to use.

Just when the project was starting to progress, another roadblock: the marquee’s paint. Colors are yellow and red, but the purple dye needed for the red paint was out of stock. Finally, two months later, the red paint arrived. The theater had to pay three times the original price per gallon, but the marquee could be painted, at last.

“It took almost three years to the day to remove, restore and reinstall the refurbished marquee. Thank you to the project team for their perseverance,” Burr said. “It was well worth the wait!”

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Seeing is believing: Everything you need to know about 8K in live broadcasting and professional displays

Seeing is believing: Everything you need to know about 8K in live broadcasting and professional displays

A picture is worth a thousand words. Displays with 8K resolution, which means not only more but better and faster pixels, provide immersive experiences and genuine visual impact in the industry, engaging the audience with real-time broadcasting.

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2022 Kiosk Marketplace Census Report

2022 Kiosk Marketplace Census Report

The 2022 Kiosk Marketplace Census Report is your exclusive look at statistics on the self-serve kiosk industry’s size, operating metrics and outlook from both users and suppliers.


6 Considerations for Optimizing Your In-Store Digital Experience

6 Considerations for Optimizing Your In-Store Digital Experience

Download this white paper to discover six areas of focus for creating a sustainable and scalable in-store digital experience that will carry you far beyond day one.

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Keep your solutions flowing: How to navigate today’s supply chain challenges

Keep your solutions flowing: How to navigate today’s supply chain challenges

In this webinar you will learn from creative solutions providers and experts with decades of experience, how to find solutions to your supply chain woes and what the future may hold.

Date/Time: March 15, 2022 | 2:00 PM EDT

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Fairfield University Case Study: Digital Signage for Higher Education

Fairfield University Case Study: Digital Signage for Higher Education

How Fairfield University uses Digital Signage to improve students and faculty members’ communications and experiences.

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Ten Essential Considerations When Implementing Digital Signage

Ten Essential Considerations When Implementing Digital Signage

There are many moving parts in a successful digital signage implementation. What do you need to think about?

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Essential Considerations When Implementing Digital Signage

Essential Considerations When Implementing Digital Signage

Digital signage projects are accompanied by a unique set of challenges. How do we rise to meet these challenges?

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Convention Center Signage Oriented Towards the Future

Convention Center Signage Oriented Towards the Future

With its venue’s modern architecture, unique setting, and high-tech offer, Barcelona International Convention Center is known for offering first-class services that can fulfil the requirements of any kind of event. Digital signage is no exception. See how the SpinetiX Digital Signage Solution forms a key element of the Center’s service offer.

Sponsor: SpinetiX

A New Era Dawning for Indoor LED Display Solutions

A New Era Dawning for Indoor LED Display Solutions

LED displays have long ruled the outdoor signage space, but innovations in driver IC design promises to extend that rule indoors.

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Protecting Your Technology Investment: Choosing Full-Service Providers or a Self-Service Marketplace

Protecting Your Technology Investment: Choosing Full-Service Providers or a Self-Service Marketplace

Self-service technician marketplaces allow businesses to directly match their technology rollouts with a network of localized technicians, giving the business total control over the project management of their investment.

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Coping with Supply Chain Chaos

Coping with Supply Chain Chaos

Many tech companies are struggling to fill orders because of difficulty securing quality components. It doesn’t have to be that way.

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7 Key Components of a Successful Digital Signage Program

7 Key Components of a Successful Digital Signage Program

A quick reference guide to create and maintain a successful digital signage program.

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Using Innovative Technology to Provide Outstanding Visual Performance

Using Innovative Technology to Provide Outstanding Visual Performance

Clear Cobalt is the new generation of display products from Absen, using several innovative technologies to provide outstanding visual performance versus traditional LED products.

Sponsor: Almo Professional A/V

Case Study: First Americans Museum of Oklahoma

Case Study: First Americans Museum of Oklahoma

Unique Digital Signage Installation of Massive dvLED Video Wall by Ford AV Includes 192 Absen Acclaim dvLED Panels and Peerless-AV® SEAMLESS Bespoke Mounting System

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Transforming  cityscapes

Transforming cityscapes

Discover how to create custom experiences that excite, inform, and motivate audiences to act

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Transforming Retail Bank Branches in Digital Era

Transforming Retail Bank Branches in Digital Era

AI-powered Virtual Assistant can play an important role in branch banking transformation. It can be the first touchpoint in the customer journey, and handling of the standard and non-differentiated banking transactions and provides an opportunity for the bank to optimize its branch operation and network.

Sponsor: Intel Corporation

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8 tips to consider when selecting OOH target markets

Selecting target and test markets can be a challenge and becomes especially tricky when planning out-of-home advertising campaigns in regions you’re not familiar with. Fortunately, thanks to OOH advertising buying tools, marketers can zero in on specific markets nationwide and have broad OOH knowledge and data available.

8 tips to consider when selecting OOH target marketsiStock photo

March 18, 2022 | by Matthew O’Connor

Selecting target and test markets can be a challenge and becomes especially tricky when planning out-of-home advertising campaigns in regions you’re not familiar with. Fortunately, thanks to OOH advertising buying tools, marketers can zero in on specific markets nationwide and have broad OOH knowledge and data available at their fingertips.


This data is instrumental to identifying target and test markets. Before planning out your next OOH campaign, here are eight things to consider where markets nationwide are concerned.

1. Test markets

Before you make a big investment in your target markets, consider launching a campaign in a test or exploratory market first. Here you’ll gain valuable insights into how a campaign will fare in other markets. Test your campaign’s messaging, creative, performance, and effectiveness in affordable, less-crowded markets such as Nashville, Philadelphia, or Columbus, Ohio before expanding into markets across the country. In doing so, you can fine tune your campaign, save money, and ensure that your campaign delivers when you launch into additional markets.

2. Inventory availability

The OOH media landscape is fragmented. With well over 1,000 vendors across the U.S. alone, no single vendor can provide coverage, or data, on inventory in every market. In the past, you’d have to reach out to vendors individually to get an accurate picture of a market’s available inventory. It was time-consuming work. With the use of OOH buying platforms, you can shed the inefficiencies of cold calling OOH vendors. Such platforms compile all the nation’s available OOH inventory in one accessible place and make them filterable by market, format, and cost.

3. Unit pricing

OOH pricing varies significantly across markets. For example, the median cost per thousand impressions for a billboard in New York City is $7.61 while only $3.21 in Nashville.
Get a better understanding of OOH media costs in various markets with the help of an OOH buying platform. You can access real-time pricing data by designated market area, city, or zip code and search historical pricing data to ensure you are getting a fair price on OOH ad units.

4. Advertising regulations

Outdoor advertising comes with its own set of rules and regulations like any other advertising format. Regulations vary across state, county, and city lines, but can include political advertising bans on transit shelters, and fast-food, sweets, toys, cigarettes, cannabis, and alcohol ad limitations near schools. Moreover, outdoor ads must conform to standards and regulations set by federal agencies and adhere to media vendor rules. Marketers can avoid setbacks and surprises by partnering with an OOH buying platform that tracks such rules and regulations.

5. Population demographics

Across the U.S. people in neighborhoods, cities, counties, and states differ in terms of characteristics like age, income, whether a household has children, preferred language, and educational attainment. In seeking out geographic markets or zip codes, marketers should look for those with characteristics that align with their target audiences. Researching the demographic data within a specific market can help you narrow down your target markets. If your target audience includes college students, you may want to target areas where college students make up a large share of the population, like Los Angeles, Boston, or Ithaca, New York.

6. Purchase behavior

Some leading OOH buying platforms have established integrations with shopper intelligence providers like Catalina, which enable OOH advertisers to uncover the precise locations –– and even the specific ad units –– that are most likely to reach consumers based on their previous purchases. Tap into consumer purchase-based data, i.e., buying habits, shopping preferences, and brand affinities to better understand which markets are most likely to drive increased sales.

7. Competitor activity

Competition in any OOH advertising can be fierce. Knowing what your competitors are doing in the markets you’re exploring can give your OOH campaign a huge advantage. Leverage free OOH planning tools to see what the top 100 advertisers and your competitors in your vertical are spending on OOH campaigns in various markets and how your campaign spend stacks up.

8. Lookalike markets

OOH advertisers often focus campaigns in large, expensive markets. While their reach is wide, this isn’t the most impactful, or efficient, way to approach campaigns. With the help of free OOH planning tools, you can uncover “deal markets” –– i.e., those with lower average CPMs –– that look like your target, best performing, or ideal large markets. Picking a lookalike market, you can save money, scale your buy without sacrificing effectiveness, and boost campaign performance.

The task of identifying the right target and test markets for your brand shouldn’t be time consuming or overwhelming. With a plethora of market-centric data readily available through OOH buying platforms, you can easily identify the specific markets most likely to perform.

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Matthew O’Connor is the CEO and cofounder of, the first platform to allow brands, agencies and individuals to complete the entire process of planning, buying, executing and measuring out-of-home (OOH) advertising campaigns anywhere in the U.S. and around the globe.




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Blending AI with AR leads to happy customers

8 tips to consider when selecting OOH target markets

Digital signage kiosks help relieve US labor shortage


June 1-3, 2022 | Columbus, OH

ICXA accepting nominations: Elevate Awards honor consumer facing brands

ICX Association names award winners in interactive customer experience

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FOTO: Na dvoch najväčších bratislavských cintorínoch pribudli dotykové informačné panely


Zdroj: Marianum


Organizácia Marianum – Pohrebníctvo mesta Bratislavy spustila pilotný projekt elektronizácie a informatizácie poskytovaných služieb. Na dvoch najväčších cintorínoch Vrakuňa a Slávičie údolie pribudli informačné dotykové panely na vyhľadávanie hrobového či urnového miesta či informácií o zaplatení nájomného. Bratislava má takúto technológiu v teréne skôr než susedná Viedeň…

“Návštevníci oboch spomínaných cintorínov si môžu vyhľadať hrobové alebo urnové miesto pochovaných na ktoromkoľvek cintoríne v správe organizácie Marianum podľa mena a priezviska zosnulého. Môžu si tiež na mape cintorína zobraziť hrobové miesto, v ktorom je zosnulý pochovaný. Okrem toho môžu získať informácie o termíne, dokedy je zaplatené nájomné príslušného hrobového miesta a či je k danému miestu riadne uzatvorená nájomná zmluva. Údaje budú denne aktualizované,” povedal o novej, modernej technológii riaditeľ mestskej organizácie Marianum Ing. Boris Šramko.

Zdroj: Marianum

Pri hlavnom vchode do cintorína v Slávičom údolí už nový informačný panel funguje – vyzerá ako veľký mobilný telefón…

“Ďalšie rozširovanie ponuky bude v budúcnosti zahŕňať napríklad vyhľadávanie významných osobností podľa rôznych kritérií či zaslaním ‘navigácie’ priamo do telefónu k vyhľadávanému hrobovému miestu,” priblížil Šramko.  

Zdroj: Marianum

Vyhľadať hrobové miesto na cintoríne či zistiť informácie o pochovaných osobnostiach budú vedieť aj deti…

Informačné dotykové panely a predmetnú službu plánuje mestská organizácia Marianum ponúknuť aj do ďalších veľkých cintorínov v Bratislave. “Vyhľadať si tak budete môcť už čoskoro aj významné rodiny či významné osobnosti kultúrneho a spoločenského života aj na historickom Ondrejskom cintoríne či na Martinskom cintoríne. S touto novinkou sme predbehli aj Viedeň, ktorá elektronické panely na svojich cintorínoch nemá,” doplnil šéf bratislavského pohrebníctva.

Seeing is believing: Everything you need to know about 8K in live broadcasting and professional displays

A picture is worth a thousand words. Displays with 8K resolution, which means not only more but better and faster pixels, provide immersive experiences and genuine visual impact in the industry, engaging the audience with real-time broadcasting. Together with 8K Association and Sharp NEC Display Solutions, Intel hosted a Fireside Chat to provide a deeper understanding on WHY 8K is so important in today’s technology evolution, that includes the realization of 8K in the Internet of Things market, how it impacts the world of broadcasting and the whole industry ecosystem.

Meet the speakers

Dr. Ben Cope
Principal Engineer

After completing his PhD from Imperial College London, Dr. Ben Cope joined Altera in 2008, where he worked as market segment owner and system architect for Pro-AV and Studio businesses. Following Altera’s acquisition by Intel in 2015, he moved to the Intel IOTG group supporting architect-level discussions with clients on video, AI and workload consolidation. He now works as platform architect focused on product planning in the same team achieving the title of Principle Engineer in 2022. Ben holds eight patent disclosures and seven technical publications including in the Journal of Computers and SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal.

Peter Heins
Senior Product Manager Large Format Displays
Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH

Peter has been the European Product Manager at Sharp for 31 years. Before he went to Sharp, he worked for Barco (TVD) and Sanyo Video. Starting his career with projectors and later with professional displays.

In addition to the large format displays, he takes care of 8K from the professional camera to the 8K displays. In Europe, Sharp offers a 4m² (120″) HDR model and a 32″ HDR colour management monitor with 1000 cd/m² peak brightness.’

Chris Chinnock
Executive Director
8K Association

As Executive Director of the 8K Association, Chris helps manage the organization as well as actively participating in the work groups and projects. This includes activities like writing the organization’s weekly newsletter, managing digital marketing efforts, working on white papers, developing trade show activities and demos, participating in seminars/webinars, developing organizational strategy and missions, and more.

Chris is also the founder of Insight Media, a 24-year old firm focused on advanced display-based ecosystem technology. In this role, he serves clients to help with their writing, marketing and strategic needs.

Ravindra Velhal
Global Content Technology Strategist and 8K Lead
Intel Corporation

Ravi Velhal leads Digital Media Standards, Technologies and Immersive Cinema programs globally at Intel. He and his teams pioneered the first ever live streaming of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics games in 8K, 60 fps, HDR over the open internet to selected locations worldwide, and launched 8K OTT service with GloboTV in Brazil. As a Cinema Virtual Reality Experience (VRE) pioneer, he co-produced several premium Hollywood and global Cinema VREs, “Spider-Man: Far From Home” over 5G, Dunkirk-Save Every Breathe, Grease in Volumetric and EMMY nominated ” Spider-Man: Home Coming” and “FirstMan VREs”.

He is a recipient of Hollywood’s prestigious Lumiere award twice, Infinity Film Festival Audience Choice Award, 8K Project of the year winner, finalist for “Technology Leader of the year 2021” by iABM, FICCI-Frames pioneering contribution awards for advancing media sector in India. Ravi holds dozens of global patents, authored several research papers and spoke at more than 100 forums and prestigious conferences worldwide. He co-chairs Encode group in the 8K association, Immersive Cinema at Hollywood’s Infinity Festival, contributor towards climate change, inclusive education initiatives and an advisor to film and trade organizations globally.